Treasures - Spectacles - Sauropoda - Omeisaurus tianfuensis

Size:2000×150×1000 cm
Locality:Dashanpu, Zigong, Sichuan
Age:Middle Jurassic

A large, long-necked sauropod, neck elongate, consisting of 17 cervical vertebrae; the longest cervical centrum about 3.5 times the longest dorsal one; cervical and dorsal vertebrae structures comparatively complicated, with developed beehive-shaped structures; four limbs sturdy. It maybe walked on vast alluvial plain and fed on leaves of tall arbores. This well-preserved specimen has a total length of 20 m.

As the most representative species of Omeisaurus, Omeisaurus tianfuensis discovered in Dashanpu Middle Jurassic Dinosaur Fauna are important members of Shunosaurus Fauna. Until now, more than 10 dinosaur individuals of this species have been discovered, among which the biggest one has a body length about 20 m with its neck 9.5 m long while the smallest one is only 6m long.

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