Among the treasures of Zigong Dinosaur Museum, many are world-class treasures, which including Huayangosaurus taibaii, the most primitive and complete stegosaur in the world; Agilisaurus louderbacki, the most complete small ornithopod in the world; tail clubs of Shunosaurus and Omeisaurus, the first-discovered tail clubs of sauropod dinosaurs in the world...
As a well-known dinosaur species, all the sauropod dinosaurs have similar appearances: huge body supported by four bulky limbs, walking with four legs, long neck but small head, with spatulate or club-shaped teeth feeding on tender plants. They are regarded as the biggest terrestrial animals ever lived in the earth...
As a very prosperous species of the dinosaur family, wide-distributed fossils of theropod dinosaurs have been discovered from the Middle Triassic to the Cretaceous. As a whole, their heads vary in size with long face, hindlimbs stronger than forelimbs, walking with two legs...
Appeared in the Middle Triassic and died out in the Late Cretaceous, ornithopod dinosaurs have lived in the earth for more than 100 million years. Nearly all the ornithopods are herbivores. Often the small one (as Dimetrodon) has a body length of less than 1 m while the big one (as Iguanodon, Hadrosaurus) is over 10 m long.
Stegosaur dinosaur usually has a body length of 3-9 m. They walked with four limbs, lived in the jungles by rivers or lakes and fed on tender branches and leaves.
First appeared in the Early Jurassic and evolved from primitive ornithopods, stegosaur dinosaurs were most prosperous in the Late Jurassic...
Associated Animals of the Age of Dinosaurs
Fishes were not only the earliest vertebrates but also the largest vertebrates in quantities living with dinosaurs.
Rare Dinosaur Skulls
Skull fossils, especially complete skull fossils, are most precious among the fossils of vertebrates (esp. large vertebrates). Several best-preserved skull fossils of dinosaurs and other vertebrates excavated from Zigong have great scientific significance in the research of the Middle Jurassic Dinosaur Fauna of Zigong...
Particular Bone Fossils
Among the dinosaur fossils of Zigong, there are two kinds of particular fossils, namely, tail clubs of sauropod dinosaur and parascapular spines of stegosaur, which have provided reliable evidence for the research of these two kinds of dinosaurs’ body functions and behaviors.
Precious Dinosaur Relic Fossils
Bone fossils are most common among dinosaur fossils; however, dinosaur fossils like skins, footprints, eggs and dejecta are rare to be found. Therefore, they have special and important significance in the research of the body structure, physical characteristics and behaviors of dinosaurs.